5 Reasons Fridge Won't Dispense Water: Inlet Valve Fix DIY

Is your Whirlpool/Kitchenaid refrigerator water dispenser not working? I this video we show you the Top 5 causes of your fridge water dispenser not dispensing water, and focus on how to repair your fridge water inlet valve.
✅ Tools used in this KitchenAid refrigerator repair video:
✅ RIDGID One Stop Wrench:
✅ Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter:
✅ GreatNeck Nut Driver Set, 7-Piece:
✅ Supco WV5154 Whirlpool Dual Inlet Water Valve:
✅ EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 4

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⏱ Table of Contents 5 Reasons Fridge Won’t Dispense Water (Click on timestamps to jump to a chapter) ⏱
0:00 Introduction to refrigerator water dispensing problems
1:30 Root Cause #1: Clogged water filter in fridge
2:10 Root Cause #2: Water pressure switch in the refrigerator
2:50 Root Cause #3: The water reservoir inside the fridge is frozen, get the hairdryer ready!
4:00 Root Cause #4: Bad water inlet valve on the back of the refrigerator
4:35 Root Cause #5: Bad fridge filter head, needs to be replaced
5:20 How to replace the water inlet valve (from Root Cause #4)

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We show you how to specifically run a water inlet valve test on this Kitchenaid refrigerator, which is also a Whirlpool refrigerator, since Whirlpool makes fridges for most of the major appliance manufacturers. So if your water dispenser is broken, you need to follow our tips here on your Kitchenaid fridge and get your fridge water dispenser working once more.

In this video we also show you how to perform a water inlet valve test, before you consider a water inlet valve replacement when your water dispenser is not working in your Kitchenaid refrigerator. this will help you confirm if this is the root cause of a water dispenser broken and not dispensing water.

Fridge water dispenser not working

If your water inlet valve has stopped working and now your fridge water dispenser is not working even after a filter change, then it’s time for a new water inlet valve. A water inlet valve replacement is highly recommended, do not get cheap and try to rebuild the water inlet valve, they often fail soon after you repair the water inlet valve.

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  1. Hi Jeff, I have a 15 year old GE Profile Artica that works fine except it stopped dispensing water. I followed your advice but still not working. The filter was already bypassed with a plug, so it's not the filter heard. To be sure, I went ahead and installed an empty filter and it filled up with water instantly, but there was no water at the dispenser. I tested the water valve with a multimeter – its good: 175 resistance on one and 325 on the other. I can hear a it click on when I press the dispenser button. I warmed the water tank and was able to rotate it enough to see a bubble pass easily through the entire thing and it was warm to the touch, so its not frozen. But when I disconnect the line to the door dispenser at the base of the fridge behind the kick plate no water comes out of it beyond a dribble. I assume the water flows through the filter before being stored in the tank. I'm wondering if somehow there is a clog from the tank to the dispenser. Is it possible to remove the tank to check the hoses and reconnect them? Or is there another possible culprit? Your videos were helpful in trying to solve this conundrum and I've learned a lot about how a fridge works. Now I'm determined to try to fix it myself and would appreciate any more insights you might have. Thanks.

  2. My issue were the two white dots. I pushed them in with a pen and received a blast of cold water to the face!! We don’t have a water filter installed so I just put back on the bypass cap and voila. It works again! Thanks for the video

  3. Jeff before I seen your video after replacing my Whirlpool wrx735SDBM03 filter, filter head, reservoir and triple solenoid valve. I used all OEM parts and also the door switch clicks the solenoid in back when pushed but no water at all still. Do you have
    any ideas?
    thanks David

  4. Filter is only 2 months old, I’m still making ice, no water inside similar to in the video. Since I’m making ice, does that rule out the filter and narrow it to that dual valve, or the button I guess, but the button is getting a nice click.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to do this, Jeff. Our issue is, indeed, a frozen water reservoir. I did the hair dryer tricks several times and it worked, but it JUST KEEPS FREEZING. No something's cracked inside, so I definitely need to replace the line. I'll check your channel to see if there are any videos addressing that, but it doesn't take care of the constantly freeing reservoir issue. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Hi Jeff great video
    Our same fridge had a slow water coming out of dispenser . Since new one year ago .I though it was normal until the other when the water started coming out twice as fast . Don’t know why but I’m thinking some ice behind veg drawer .

  7. I wrote that I couldn’t budge the filter, but I used my hairdryer for about 5 minutes. When it didn’t work, I started revving up to fix the switch. As I was pursuing this, the fridge made some noise (my husband was finally able to get the filter off and changed). We went and tested the water dispenser and voile! It worked. Think it was the hairdryer that did the trick.

  8. This totally fixed my issue! The water in the line was frozen and the blow dryer tip worked. My fridge was a GE, but still solved the problem. Thanks!

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