Child with Severe Autism ~ Abandoned House of a Loveling French Family

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Mister Raymond And Misses Mirelle,

A rather happy but unfulfilled couple, they had been together since a very young age and always had the dream to raise a family, but unfortunately for them, they seemed to be infertile. They reached an elderly age and thought it would never happen but without notice Misses, Mirelle got pregnant and conceived a child. Their son Allean was born! But unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a severe form of autism and had to be taken care of for the rest of his life. This was of course not possible for Raymond and Mirelle because they were already at a pretty advanced age, Mister Raymond passed away at the age of 70 when Allean was only 16 years old and Mirelle passed away 8 years later leaving Allean alone. He was not able to care for himself and was therefore sent to an institute where he remains until this day. He is unable to care for the home and it slowly gets taken over by Nature. Let’s explore his house today with the greatest respect and let’s uncover their lives story…

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  1. Why you have stopped reading the dates on the things you find in places before you used to do that den it was quiet interesting

  2. I am a mother of a severely autistic daughter who will be 49 yrs old in March. I am now almost 73 yrs old. My husband passed away over two years ago. I know the struggles this couple went through and also the tremendous love they had for their son and the great love he gave back to them. I hope Alain is in a situation where he is well cared for with love and respect. This video really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. It’s such a shame and it’s so sad why his mum and dad rest in peace it’s just a shame that he doesn’t have anybody else to help with at home and nature is just taking over bless him

  4. I love it that you take the time to explain everything to your viewers. Also that you have a vast amount of respect towards history, and the people who once dwelled there! Could you please slow down a little on showing us stuff. Will you please show us women the fashions of cloths back then?

  5. Hi Leslie. I just wanted to point out that no person is a mistake. Yes, their son was born late in life. Yes, he is autistic, but by the looks of things he was well loved. His parents seem to have been happy to have him. Please don't think that a mistake was made when he came to his parents.

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