Cleaning drain pump filter in front loading washing machine

If your washing machine is not draining the water, blockage in the drain pump filter is the most common cause of such washing machine breakdown.
This procedure should be done regularly to prevent any mid-cycle blockages in your washing machine.
All front loading washing machines are designed fairly much the same and this procedure applies to 95% of front loading washing machines.

So if your washing machine comes up with following errors, this video can help you solve your problem:
LG washing machine 0E
Bosch washing machine E18 and F18
Samsung washing machine 5E or SE error
Electrolux washing machine E20 error
Simpson washing machine E20 error
Fisher and Paykel washing machine error 37

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  1. I opened the hose but no water came out (why do you think?) But when I opened the filter, water bursted out.
    Any ideas why water is not coming out from the hose first?

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