EH0 EHO fault code AEG Electrolux Lavamat Easy Repair Fix

EH0 EHO fault code AEG Electrolux lavamat easy repair. This video shows how to fix EH0 EHO fault code.

EH0 – mean is a problem with the power supply ,
also i found that could need changing the 3 relays , i will make soon a video

I found that almost all AEG Electrolux appliances can be repaired just by unplugging and plugging back the appliance in to power supply. Or just connect it to different power supply.

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  1. Поздравления и благодарности за видеото. Радвам се че хора от България са направили собствен канал с такава насоченост, успех и все повече видеа да правите .

  2. Worked like a charm for me. Problem was intermittent and hard to understand. Thought it was overheating or thermometer first but disconnected the overheatercontrol. The same problem… So I cleaned it good and now it works… I had to do it properly thou. Removed it, airblew it, electral board cleander and Isopropanol on connectors…

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