How to Fix #Frigidaire #Washer Door Lock Light Flashing | Washer Not Spinning | FFFW5000QW0

In this Video, We take a Look at a Frigidaire Washer, In Which The Door Lock Light was Flashing and It was Not Spinning. Also, On Any Cycle, Before the Spin Cycle, It Just Stops and Unlocks the Door. Watch the Video to See How to Replace the Door Latch Assembly.

The Model on this Video is FFFW5000QW0
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  1. The washer in my apartment is this same type, but maybe a slightly older model. Same problem. Didn’t realize it would be so easy to fix. I might just do that so I don’t have to pester the maintenance guy, lol. (That and I don’t want to make him step around the legos I’m in the process of sorting, lol)
    I like tinkering so it might be a little fun.

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