Maytag Brovos XL error codes F6 E2 / F6 E3 / F3 E1

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Here is a link to the first video I did on the F6 E2 and F6 E3 error

Maytag Brovos XL won’t start won’t turn on error code F6 E2 / F6 E3

My washer here in this video has a model number of MVWB835DW0

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  1. This follow up really helped. You added a cpl of other techniques like taking the back off to get to the boards. That was the only pain was trying to push on the keepers to get it to pop up. So thanks again. I’m no washer repair man but your video saved me a few bucks so I appreciate it.
    Can I ask you what kind of camera you use to do this vid? I’m thinking it was a cell phone.
    It looked great whatever it was.

  2. Mine isn't turning over at all it is just beeping when I press buttons and when it was writing the clothes were staying soaked I remember seeing the f6 e3 code but now it doesn't show anything

  3. Josh, thanks for the video. I was just about ready to give up on this washer. I recently put a gear case in it and now had this F6 E2 error. Hopefully this fix will last.

  4. Is there a way to just pull codes? ours is just turning on and beeping when we hit any button. Already cleaned the electrical underneath the panel on the board

  5. Help. My Bravo XL is showing error code E1 F3 and won't finish the rinse & spin. It will then drain even without water. Was afraid that it was going to burn out the pump. Checked the pump & hose. Looked fine. Tried to reset the unit by unplugging it from the power source, waited 20 minutes before plugging it back in turned the dial through all the settings counter clockwise, picked a setting, ran it, did fine, stopped the error code until it neared the end of the cycle and started giving me the same error code and constant draining. The unit does not continue filling with water. It simply continues running the water pump until the washer is physically unplugged. Pressing the power button alone does not stop the water pump from constant draining.

  6. Not sure if this is the right place to add this comment. I have watched soooo many videos and your video is by far the best one however, I am getting EVERY error code. I have replaced door lock and I can get it to start IF I Clear error codes and push start real fast before the beeping but cannot change cycles at all. I have followed everything in your video. Washed 2 loads now and now it has stopped after rinse, drain, but won’t spin out! I also can’t get front panel over those clips. Do I need them on there if panel is screwed down. I sure hope you can help. Don’t know how to get your response either so…I will keep watching comments

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