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Let’s take a look at what you get in this kit: You’ll get the E5 bot, the charging dock, and a power cable, plus a remote control with batteries. There’s also an optional-use plastic floor mat to protect floors from any residual wetness.

Smarts & navigation

This robot vacuum and mop, while it’s smart is maybe not quite as brilliant as some other bots out there today.

While the E5 doesn’t have the same mapping capabilities as higher end bot vacs, this version does have dual gyroscope motion tracking systems, bumpers, and internal navigation.

What does that mean and what’s the difference? So, the bot knows where it’s been, and you can see a general outline of that in the app, you can’t label rooms and you can’t tell it to go clean the bedroom only, for example. You also don’t get any kind of details about what has been cleaned and what hasn’t like other, smarter Roborock vacuums. The internal nav is really just for the bot’s own internal use, to help it plan the best route to clean your home.

This isn’t meant to be a criticism, but I do want you to understand what you’re getting with this bot. If you think you need more power or control over the bot, there are other Roborock you can choose instead, but they do cost more.

This vacuum and mop has a Spot Clean mode, where you can place the E5 bot near a mess or spill, and then open the app and hit the spot clean button.

The bot has a physical remote control. The remote control is magnetic and can be attached to any convenient magnetic surface.

In the app, there’s also a virtual remote with a joystick that essentially lets you drive it anywhere to go clean up

There’s also a deep carpet cleaning mode. When the E5 detects carpet, it turns on the automatic carpet boost and increases the suction power to maximum to pick up more dirt. I definitely noticed this at work and after the E5 had been in the room it made a noticeable difference.

How well does Roborock E5 clean?

I put all my vacuums through tests where they clean things like flour, rice and cracker bits from both carpet and floors. The E5 performed admirably. It has a very methodical cleaning pattern, cleaning in circles when spot cleaning or linear rows on regular duty. It was able to pick up finer dust, as well as bigger crumbs seemingly with ease.

The E5 also has a climbing mode; it can climb up to 2 cm in height, allowing it to move over a door frame or other shallow obstacle while still being low enough in profile (only 3.5 inches tall) to fit under most of your furniture.

Getting hung up on obstacles: without navigation it struggles, stalls

I will say it didn’t get stuck on transitions, but this bot did have a penchant for getting caught on cords. Without Artificial intelligence like some of the newer, pricier bots, the price you have to pay is to pick up obstacles and hazards before you send it out.

I did also notice the E5 seemed to stall out mysteriously. I’d hear it go quiet and go find it just randomly stopped somewhere.

The Roborock  E5 uses a two brush system with a forked rubber corner brush and a larger floor roller in the middle. The side brush will move dirt and debris into the path of a large floor brush, which will drive the dirt into the vacuum itself.

Mopping with Roborock E5

When it comes to the mopping, you’ll fill up the mopping plate, which is also the water tank, and snap it into place. The E5 will dampen the cloth on the underside and keep dust down. This is not a scrubber and there’s no suction, so it’s important to understand this mop is really just giving a light follow up wipe to the vacuum.

Roborock E5 Robot Vacuum + Mop: Overall Review

Overall the Roborock E5 is a simple but capable vacuum for its price point. While it doesn’t have a lot of the smart technology of newer bots, it’s probably less than one-fifth of the price of those.

Selling for about $309USD, it’s much more within reach for shoppers. Plus you’re getting both a vacuum and a light wipe to keep the dust down.
It’s not overly noisy and the larger dustbin means less emptying. It vacuums really well, and helps keep the house clean on the regular.

Downsides? It gets caught up a bit more than some other bots, but it lets you know when it is and you can help unstick it. It’s also missing a way to better manage the mopping plate when on carpets. But like I say, these are all things you can get I other bots, you’ll just need to increase your budget.

I’m stopping short of recommending this bot; not because it doesn’t deliver on its promises, but only because I think there are smarter and more capable options including some by Roborock like the S4 ($429) or S7 ($649) that give you more features and greater value.

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  2. Thanks Erin for the video, was amazing! I have two kids with alergical conditions and one cat in my house and i was between the Roborock S5 and Roborock S7. I watch the yours two videos but i am confused yet. For you, whats the better for catch the pet's hair? Please, give me a light in this! If you know other model better than those two, please tell me!

  3. Thank you Erin! I thought Roborock is only at higher end. It's good to know Roborock has something at this price, and it can tell when it stuck as other brands I previously bought cannot tell at all.

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