Washing machine trips electric fuse board, Breaker or RCD

Full Tutorial and links Repairing a washing machine that is tripping the electrial suppy is not as easy as you might think. first you need to know if its the breaker or the RCD that is tripping on the fuse board. then you need to find the part on the washing machine that is causing the problem.
this can be done with either a portable appliance tester (PAT TESTER) or electrical insulation tester somtimes known as a Megger.
always worth putting the machine after repairing on a boil wash to clean the drum if you have hard water, it is worth descaling.

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🛒 Some of the Tools i use
electrical insulation tester

PAT Tester

torx screwdriver set

Hook Nose pliers

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0:00 – Understanding the different breakers on your fuse board.
0:49 – Parts that cause a washing machine to trip rcd or breaker.
3.00 – Testers that are needed to test washing machines.
3:45 – Fuse blowing on washing machine.
4:50 – Testing washing machine electrical suppressor or electrical filter.
7:20 – Test washing machine wiring for electrical fault.
9:06 – Testing the washing machine motor.
14:15 – Testing washing machine heater.
15:18 – Replace washing machine heater element.

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  1. Hiya, I have a bosch washer dryer and have recently changed the bearings on the carbon brush motor. It worked fine, but after about 80% of the wash cycle it started tripping the fuse box in the house. Now, no matter what I do now the machine trips the breakers as soon as I initiate any program. If I unplug the motor from the machine everything is normal, so I assumed I've broken something in the motor. I performed tests on the motor with a multimeter and can't find any shorts or weird resistance readings in the windings or armature. The RCD even trips when I take the carbon bushes out of the motor but connect it up to the machine. Any suggestions on what else to check? Love your vids, great resource!

  2. Great video… Just be careful how tight you tighten the nut back up. Measure how far the nut is on the thread before undoing it and then tighten to the same distance otherwise you could break the PLASTIC drum housing. This guy made it appear like you can apply lots of torque to that nut. It will seal without excessive tightening. Just do a run of the washing machine and look for any small leaks and tighten a little if needed after stopping the machine immediately after seeing and leaking. The plastic drum will crack very easily but if it does you can just apply an epoxy resin over the crack. The epoxy you would use in fish tanks.

  3. Great video thanks, my Bosh is tripping the RCD, it's in mid cycle with water in the drum. My friend is an electrician, he's coming with his tools to help, I tried a few local washing machine repair guys, no one answering phones due to holiday I guess. Thanks again for the very helpful video, any clues for us on draining the water without electric? Or continue with it still in there? Happy new year year to all.

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