Whirlpool® Washer – How to Troubleshoot Memory Failure: E1, E2 or F1 Error Code

This video highlights some troubleshooting tips if an error code shows on your washing machine.

Error codes are your washer’s way of letting you know that something is not right. If you see either of the E1, E2, or F1 error codes flashing on your washer’s display, there may have been a memory or hardware failure. Try restarting the washer by manually turning off your home circuit breaker, waiting one minute and then turning it back on again.

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2 bình luận về “Whirlpool® Washer – How to Troubleshoot Memory Failure: E1, E2 or F1 Error Code”

  1. having a video that tells you to call or go check the guide for more information is not useful, people look for videos to get more information… this video is kind of useless

  2. Prior comment hit the nail on the head – calling a service tech is pretty much an auto response w/out you guys telling us to… BUT some of us don't want to rely blindlessly on someone that often will charge an arm & a leg (often for things that turn out to be as simple as an easy reset or even replacing a simple part that's pretty straight forward) – esp when a good majority have the skillset and/or enough intelligence to do it themselves.
    YouTube is a TOOL for these kind of people – that just need the upfront answer as to exactly what is wrong & what is necessary to resolve it. Videos like this one are just plainly INSULTING…

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